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Do You Have Wisdom? | Archive 4/20/23

Do You Have Wisdom? | Archive 4/20/23

How do you gain wisdom? Fear the Lord by reflecting on what He's done for you. With anger, you lack the boldness of Christ.

How do you gain wisdom? Fear the Lord by reflecting on what He's done for you. With anger, you lack the boldness of Christ. 

Archive Sunday Service, April 20, 2014, Easter (or "Resurrection Sunday") — Jesse Lee Peterson discusses wisdom with the people. How do you gain wisdom? The Bible says: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." For those who say you have wisdom: Do you keep the commandments? Do you have control over your body? Do you have anger? A couple of men have anger (or feel "indignant," but they're not sure how to define that) toward people destroying the country. What many Christians don't understand is that you win without anger, and not with it. 

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-church intro: Exploring Your Faith

  • 0:01:15 Happy Easter / Resurrection

  • 0:02:18 Wisdom: How did you get it?

  • 0:07:30 Fellowship! Do you keep commandments?

  • 0:12:10 You don't get an "A" or "B"… (Wisdom)

  • 0:13:41 Do you have anger? ("I'm indignant…")

  • 0:14:58 Christ rose: Was he angry at them?

  • 0:16:37 Why we're losing: Anger on the side of good

  • 0:18:42 Jesus looked with anger: Anger without resentment

  • 0:21:25 Christ was bold, saw and called evil out with wisdom

  • 0:24:06 This is not a test, it's fun! Know for yourself…

  • 0:24:36 To the wise: Do you have control of your body?

  • 0:28:06 With anger for one, you have no love for any

  • 0:28:46 Psalm 111: 10, David on wisdom

  • 0:30:16 If we do not begin with fear, we can never ascend to the rest

  • 0:31:28 Isaiah 11: 2-3, the Spirit of wisdom, fear of the Lord

  • 0:32:08 Take time to reflect on what God brought me through

  • 0:38:14 Don't think about things of the Kingdom of God?

  • 0:39:27 Adam, the Devil, angels fell away; they did not fear God

  • 0:42:50 We can think we know God, and not know Him… Amazing

  • 0:43:14 How do I come to fear God?

  • 0:44:03 We're not worthy of God's grace

  • 0:46:12 Preachers teaching with no wisdom;  

  • 0:47:13 To keep commandments, meditate on God's blessing

  • 0:49:14 Driving in my car, it's something else! I heard about the motor. 

  • 0:50:39 What it means to have control over your body

  • 0:55:29 Are you winning with anger?

  • 0:58:41 A person without anger is bolder

  • 1:00:16 Beginning of wisdom: Fear the Lord: realize what God's done

MUSIC: "Changes" (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights




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