"Be still, and know that I am God." Christ rose early to pray alone. Jesus said: Watch and pray, so that you do not fall into temptation.
You're the Light of the World, But It's All About You | Archive 3/9/14Listen now (62 min) | Forgive fathers. Man is selfish with his help. Treat women the same, not special. Barbershop story: Thoughts are the enemy.
What Are the False Needs in Your Life? | Church 3/19/23Listen now (124 min) | How many personalities do you have? Satan lives in the mind, not you. If someone cheating affects you, you have a false need.
Who Are the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing? | Archive 3/2/14Listen now (61 min) | JLP shares stats on abortion: Men turned from God. Jesus warned: Beware of false prophets in sheep's clothing.
Do You Extend Mercy to Yourself? | Church 3/12/23Listen now (118 min) | Does God have mercy on you? If Christ died for your sins, do you still sin? Most Christians are atheists. There's no love in…
The Number One Enemy of Mankind | Archive 2/23/14Listen now (61 min) | God gives your heart's desire: Let go. Thoughts are the enemy. Think of others, not yourself. Pray and watch Satan's deceptions.
Did Jesus Help You by Being an Example? | Church 3/5/23Listen now (104 min) | How did Christ's example help you? People worship in idea but not in spirit. In order to live, you must die as he did.
Accepting God's Chastisement | Archive 2/9/14Listen now (61 min) | Jesse addresses a black audience, a complaining wife, and reads Hebrews: God corrects those He loves. Pray and watch!
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